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The Ehrnfelt Senior Center wants to help you stay healthy and active!


Southwest General Health Center 

1st Monday 9:30-11 a.m. -- Blood Pressure and Glucose Testing

3rd Tuesday 10:30-11:30 a.m. -- Diabetes screening

3rd Tuesday 10:30 a.m.-1 p.m. -- Blood pressure checks

Cleveland Clinic

1st & 3rd Friday 8:30-11:30 a.m. Blood pressure and glucose testing

Hearing Aid Services

Hearing aids serviced and cleaned. Batteries and testing also available. Please call the senior registration desk at 580-3275 to make an appointment. Fee for service.  

Meditation Group

Monday, May 2nd 1:00pm

Join our meditation group! Meditation has been proven to reverse memory loss and strengthen your memory, lower blood pressure, help with chronic pain, depression, anxiety, and decrease stress. Our meditation group will teach you new ways to meditate. Time will be used to meditate together as a group. A special thanks to Kemper House for facilitating this group!


Fees:                                                     Drop-In Fee                       

Members                                                            $2

Non-Member/Residents                              $3

Non-Member/Non-Residents                   $5


Heart Health


Friday, May 6th                                 10:00am               Free

Congestive Heart Failure, Artial Fibrillation, Post Myocardial Infarction (Heart Attack). All of these or some of these could be affecting you. Come join us to learn and discuss ways that you can live with these challenges and live a better life with just a few lifestyle changes. Deb Vermillion, RN wants to teach you what you need to know RIGHT NOW. Look forward to seeing you there. Registration required.


Protecting Yourself from Shingles

Tuesday, May 17th           1:00pm                Free

You have heard of shingles but do you really know much about the virus? Join Dr. Kunal Amin from Giant Eagle Pharmacy as he explains exactly what shingles are and the prevention and treatments offered. He will also discuss the   shingles vaccine and who should receive it and the costs. This is one program you won’t want to miss! Registration required.


Balance Problems as we Age

Friday, June 3rd                10:00am               Free

Why do we have less secure balance as we age? Balance problems can cause falls and fear in many people. Learn the different causes of balance   problems and what you can do about staying safe. This program is presented by Kemper House.    Registration required.


Men’s Health 101

Thursday, June 16th       1:00pm Free

June is Men’s Health Month and the Cleveland Clinic wants to make sure all men are taking the proper steps to stay healthy. Learn more about the different health issues only men face and ways to prevent common diseases. Registration required.

Misconceptions of Health Care Options 


Wednesday, June 8                 11 am       Free

Have you ever asked yourself what is the difference between an assisted living community, a nursing home, home health care and hospice? Do you really know what respite care really means? Join us for a free breakfast and panel of experts who will be on hand to help clear up the misconceptions that are often associated with the many different health care options available.  Empower yourself and learn about the different services available along with how to access these services. This program is designed to help both seniors and caregivers.  Breakfast provided by Crystal Waters and Berea Lake Towers Retirement Communities. Limited seats available.  Registration required. Menu: salad, beef tips, noodles, green beans, dessert.