City of Strongsville Seal

Strongsville Historical Society and Village


Historical Village Hours
Mid-April through mid-October -- Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday 1- 4 p.m.
Located at 13305 Pearl Road, 1/4 mile north of Route 82 (Royalton Road)
For more information call (440) 572-0057 or visit the Strongsville Historical Society website


TOURS:  $5 adults, $4 Seniors, $2 Children 6 to 12 years

Special arrangements can be made for guided tours with special group rates. Visit the Olds General Store (which is open during society hours) for a fine selection of gifts such  as: pottery, commemorative plaques, prints, mugs, note cards, Amish apple  butter, old time candy and games, custom-designed Strongsville afghans, the Strongsville History Book, and much more!

Membership Opportunities
Annual Senior $10
Annual Individual  $15
Annual Family $25
Annual Corporate $50
Lifetime memberships are available for $300
The Historical Society is a private non-profit organization.


Strongsville takes great pride in the preservation of its past as it moves forward into the future. Explore the history pages to learn more about the events that led to the founding and settlement of the city and how its history lives today.

If you wish to become a more active participant in the city's preservation, visit the Historical Society section for information on membership opportunities, meeting date and society hours.


JOHN STRONG PORTRAIT Did you know... John S. Strong, a native New Englander for whom the township of Strongsville was named, arrived in 1816, the year there was no summer due to a volcanic explosion in 1815, of the volcano Tombora.

Did you know... the Strongsville Commons was given to the residents on April 1, 1821, by John S. Strong for one dollar. The commons celebrated its 175th anniversary in 1991.