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Dispatch: 440-238-7373

Police Dept. Non Emergency: 440-580-3230

Records Division: 440-580-3230

Correction Division: 440-580-3259

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Patrol Operations

D.A.R.E.  Support Operations   Detective Bureau  Traffic Unit


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Have Your Say

As a member of our community, you can assist the Strongsville Police Department in ensuring that the level of police service meets your expectations. We would like you to give us information when you observe actions by the department or by individual employees which you believe need our attention. These may be both those actions which you find rewarding and those which you might believe are not at an acceptable level of professional police service.  Members of the community are valuable eyes and ears for our Police Department. We respect your input! Please feel free to report both positive and negative behaviors or actions to us.

 If your concern is urgent or serious in nature, we recommend that you don't hesitate to contact us immediately at one of the phone numbers above.


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