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There are two ways to recycle glass, metals, cartons, plastics and paper in Strongsville: Set your recyclables at the curb for pickup, or drop off items at collection bins.
Place your recyclable items in a BLUE BAG at the curb on your regular trash collection day. Glass, plastics, cartons and metals can be co-mingled in the same bag. Please place papers in a separate blue bag to keep them dry. Blue bags can be purchases at many stores where trash bags are sold, or you may use blue grocery store bags.
Accepted items include:
Glass jars and bottles (brown, green and clear)
Aluminum and steel can
Cartons, including milk cartons and juice boxes (lids and straws removed)
Plastic lids
Plastics coded 1-7. Examples include pop and water bottles; milk, juice and detergent bottles; vegetable oil bottles; takeout containers; food storage and yogurt containers; medicine bottles; disposable cups and plastic tableware; and large water bottles and squeeze bottles.
Cans and bottles should be emptied and washed, but labels need not be removed.
These items CANNOT be recycled: Containers that held hazardous materials like oil, antifreeze or drain cleaner; plastic wrap, aluminum foil or plastic bags; Styrofoam and pie tins.

For more information or to report a problem with recycling, call Jennifer Milbrandt, the city’s coordinator of natural resources, at (440) 580-3124 or Republic Waste at (440) 572-7590.


Drop-off Recycling
The Recycling Center is in the parking lot of the Strongsville Emergency Food Bank, behind the Communications and Technology Building, which is at13213 Pearl Rd.  
Residents can place clear, green and brown glass; aluminum and steel cans; and plastics coded 1-7 in the large brown container.
Telephone books and cardboard can now be recycled year-round. The large green River Valley containers accept all types of paper, magazines, catalogs, mail, hard- and soft-bound books, brown bags, school/office paper, cardboard (please break down large pieces) and phone books.
Green River Valley containers are also located at the Municipal Building at 16099 Foltz Parkway, at fire stations and Surrarrer Park.

 Keeping Strongsville Green Newsletter

The annual newsletter is filled with recycling information, handy tips and important dates.

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Disposing of Other Items
Household Hazardous Waste
Strongsville hosts several collections of household hazardous waste each year at the Service Center, 16099 Foltz Parkway.
The round-ups are for households only, not for waste generated by businesses, schools, churches, charity organizations, camps or other groups. NOTE: LATEX PAINT IS NOT ACCEPTED AT THESE COLLECTIONS.
In 2016, the collections are set for:
April 27 - 30
September 7 - 10
Hours are 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday and 8 a.m. to noon Saturday.
Materials accepted – oil or solvent-based paint (no latex paint), varnish, mineral spirits, caustic household cleaners, adhesives, gasoline, sealers, polyurethane, herbicides, automotive fluids, roof tar, lighter fluid, primers and coatings, shellac, pesticides, motor oil, driveway sealer, mercury, paint thinner, turpentine, fungicides, car batteries, kerosene and fluorescent bulbs.


NOT accepted: LATEX PAINT. To dispose of latex paint, leave the lid off to dry the paint, then place in regular trash. Also not accepted: explosives, gun powder, ammunition, flares, medical waste, pharmaceuticals, sharps and radioactive waste.

The collection facility is under video surveillance. Dropping off items during unauthorized times could lead to fines.
Place syringes in a heavy plastic container like a detergent or 2-liter soda bottle, put on the cap and then tape it securely shut. Write “SHARPS” on the outside of the container and take it to the Transfer Station for safe disposal.


Please cut into 3-foot sections and roll and tie carpeting. Bundles should NOT exceed 35 pounds. Place at curb on your regular trash day.

Furniture and appliances
Residents can place large items like sofas, mattresses, doors, dressers, tables and other furniture at the curb on their regular trash collection day.
Appliances should also be left at the curb on your regular trash pickup day. Before putting it out, Freon must be removed from appliances (refrigerators, freezers, dehumidifiers and air conditioners may contain Freon) by a certified professional and the appliance must be tagged. Republic Waste will NOT pick up the item if there is no tag. Doors on freezers and refrigerators must be removed.
Computer Recycling
Strongsville residents can drop off their computers for recycling at the dock garage doors at the Service Center, 16099 Foltz Parkway, between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. on weekdays.
Acceptable components include monitors, CPUs, printers, terminals, keyboards, mice, modems, software, cell phones and ink cartridges.
Paper Shredding
Strongsville hosts a Shred Day each year in which residents can bring their documents to be shredded. This year, Shred Day is:
June 25, 2016 -- 9 a.m. to noon at the Service Center, 16099 Foltz Parkway
Acceptable items: (Small paper clips and staples can still be attached) accounting ledger paper, adding machine tape, advertisements, booklets/brochures, copy machine paper, colored paper - 20 pound, computer paper, envelopes, faxes, manila file folders, greeting cards, laser printer paper, legal pad paper, Post-it notes, NCR paper, receipts and all types of white paper.
NOT ACCEPTED:  Newspapers, phone books, magazines, binders, books, pendaflex folders, food and candy wrappers, waxed paper, photographs, napkins and Styrofoam containers.
Brush Chipping
There are three ways for residents to dispose of brush:
1.      Take brush to the Transfer Station.
2.      Bundle branches in 4-foot lengths and leave out for Republic Waste on your regular trash day. Bundles can weigh no more than 50 pounds each.
3.      Call the Strongsville Service Department for pickup at (440) 580-3170. The city will schedule a time, generally within a week.
Guidelines for city's brush chipping service:
  • The city will ONLY pick up at the curb (do not obstruct sidewalk or street)
  • Place all cut ends in one direction
  • Keep pile as neat as possible (branches only, no steel, metal, debris or stumps)
  • Branches can be no more than 6 inches in diameter
  • Branches must be longer than 3 feet
  • Only normal residential brush is accepted – no land clearing. If you hire a contractor, the contractor is responsible for removing the brush
Strongsville will chip the brush and take it to an approved composting facility, keeping the material from going into a landfill. Due to the possibility of transmitting disease or insects, wood chips are not available to the public.
Links to other recycling and refuse disposal information:

Strongsville contracts with Republic Waste Services for rubbish collection and curbside recycling. For questions about your trash pickup, please call Republic at (440) 572-7590.