Firefighters Urge You to 'Close Before You Doze'

Fire officials in Strongsville are reminding you to "Close Before You Doze," a national campaign encouraging people to close their bedroom doors before going to sleep. 
If a fire breaks out, that closed door will keep the flames out of a bedroom longer, giving a family precious time to escape. 
"The idea is that a closed door will buy you time so you can get out, or until the fire department arrives," Assistant Fire Chief AJ Aljabi said.
Aljabi made a safety video with Spectrum News that shows the difference between damage to a bedroom in which the door was open and one where the door was closed during a fire. You can watch it here
He also encourages parents to develop a plan with their kids so they know that when a smoke alarm goes off, they should get close to the ground, feel their bedroom door with the back of their hand, and if it's hot, stuff a sheet or towel underneath to keep out the smoke, then crawl to the window.