Fire Department has Residential Lock Box Program

The Strongsville Fire Department and Strongsville Senior Center hare offering a voluntary home lock box program that allows emergency responders to get into a house quickly.
Lock boxes can save time -- and damage to property -- when emergency crews respond to an alarm or medical emergency in which a resident isn't home or can't get to the door. 
The department encourages residents to purchase an exterior mounted residential home key safe, available at many local stores that carry home hardware and also at the Senior Center, 18100 Royalton Road, at a discounted price of $17.28. After you buy one, contact the Strongsville Fire Prevention office at (440) 580-3225 to schedule a time for a firefighter to meet you at your home to set the code and record your information for the 911 dispatch center. If needed, the department will also help you mount the box on your house. 
During an emergency call, dispatchers can relay the information to the firefighters or police officers who are responding. They can instantly access your entry keys and open your door without damaging property. 
If you have questions, call (440) 580-3225, or click here for more information