K-9 Unit

Canine Officers

The Strongsville Police Department's K-9 unit started in 1995. Our canine teams are valuable law enforcement tools that improve the operating efficiency and effectiveness of the patrol division.
These canines are resigstered with the Cuyahoga County Auditor's Office and are certified by the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy as both Police Service Canines and Narcotics Detection Canines. Each canine team must return to agency-approved training centers for re-evaluation and recertification every two years.

Although the police dogs are owned by the city of Strongsville, a canine officer and his or her family have a 24-hour-a-day responsibility, and the canine is an important part of the family life. A canine officer's commitment to the canine is for the life of the dog, necessary because of the training and the bond that develops.

Duties of the K-9 teams include narcotics detection, tracking wanted or lost people, article searches, building searches and criminal apprehension. In addition, handlers are availabe for lectures and demonstrations for civic groups and school functions.


Chase is a German shepherd imported from Slovakia. He is a dual-purpose police service dog trained in narcotics detection and the patrol areas of obedience, agility, tracking, evidence search, area/building searches and handler protection. His handler is Officer Bryan Kadlec. K-9 Chase and Officer Kadlec completed their training in June 2015 and were certified by the Ohio Peace Office Training Commission on June 23, 2015.


Storm is a German shepherd also from Slovakia. He and his handler, Officer Jason Miller, completed their training and were recognized by the Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission on Nov. 4, 2016. Storm is a dual-purpose police service dog and has been trained in narcotics detection, obedience, tracking, article search, handler protection and suspect apprehension.

Collectively, in 2016, the K-9 teams completed 28 drug searches, six warrant services, two article searches, one building search, five suspect tracks and 11 K-9 demonstrations, in addition to assisting other agencies nine times.


In June 2016, K-9 Tesco retired after a wonderful 12-year career. He and his handler, Officer Dan Mertz, worked tirelessly over 12 years to reduce crime, find drugs and track bad guys in Strongsville and throughout the Cleveland area. A sincere thanks to Dan and Tesco for keeping the citizens of Strongsville safe.