Detective Bureau

‚ÄčThe Detective Bureau consists of general detectives, a juvenile detective, a victim/witness advocate, a Detective Sgt. and a Lieutenant. They are under the direction of a Deputy Chief. They work in conjunction with the community beat initiative to provide the best possible services to the city.

Cases are broken down into four investigative categories:

CLASS 1 Cases that cannot be solved with a reasonable amount of investigation.

CLASS 2 Cases which require a suspect to be arrested, booked, and interrogated and a prosecutable case prepared by the Detective Bureau.

CLASS 3 Cases that may be solved if a reasonable amount of investigative effort is assigned to them.

CLASS 4 Cases where an arrest has been made by the Patrol Division and case must be prepared for court.

In addition to case assignments, the Detective Bureau handles most court appearances, including arraignments, pre-trials, and grand jury presentations. The Detective Bureau completes all background checks on prospective police department employees as well as background checks on all liquor permits. Certain detectives provide secondary programs such as crime prevention, crime analysis and property and evidence room management.

Training has been an important component for the Detective Bureau personnel. All of the detectives have participated in on-going training in such areas as fraud investigations, computer crime, death investigations, sex crimes, internet crime, and auto theft.

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Detective: Assignment: E-Mail:
Jeff Mason Bureau Lieutenant
Greg Cravatas Bureau Sergeant
Andy Bartlett Juvenile and General Crimes and Property Room
Michael Bertz General Crimes and Property Room
Steve Dzurisin Major Crimes
Steve Borowske Financial Crimes
Doug Stroud Crimes & Property Room