Meet the Chief


On behalf of the Strongsville Police Department (SPD), it is my honor to submit the 2021 Annual Report. The past year was another action-packed and eventful year. In addition to delivering the best possible services to our community, we did so while operating in an environment that included the continuing pandemic.

Throughout the year, quality service, professionalism, integrity, and compassion were the traits displayed by the personnel of the SPD.
Some highlights from 2021 include being selected as "Ohio's Best Agency of the Month for December 2021" by the Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police. This award reflects the outstanding achievements of our men and women in the Strongsville Police Department, including its support services, the South West Emergency Dispatch Center (SWEDC), and our Corrections Officers.
Additionally, the Strongsville Police Department is proud to announce achieving Full Compliance on Ohio Collaborative Law Enforcement Agency Certification status. This multidisciplinary group establishes statewide standards for law enforcement agencies.
On October 21, 2021, the SPD received recertification in compliance with the Ohio Collaborative. The compliance process involves the review of documentation by an Ohio Collaborative assessor for each agency to prove it is complying with standards on an annual basis. The SPD is recognized as fully compliant with the standards set forth by the Ohio Collaborative Community Police Advisory Board.
Your Police Department is committed to maintaining compliance with current and future standards to ensure we provide the best possible service to our community.
The 2021 Annual Report outlines many of our programs and outstanding accomplishments. I hope the hard work of our men and women will become evident to all of you.
The members of the Strongsville Police Department genuinely appreciate the trust and support from our Mayor, Tom Perciak, City Council, city staff, and members of the community. In return, we pledge to continue delivering professional, quality service to you, our citizens.
Respectfully submitted,
Mark Fender
Chief of Police
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We value our proud reputation of quality service, professionalism, integrity and compassion


In partnership with the community, we pledge to:

Protect the lives and property of our fellow citizens

Persist in the pursuit of violators of our laws, while protecting the Constitutional rights and freedoms of all

Enhance the quality of life by identifying and solving community problems, preventing crime and extinguishing fear

Preserve a proud reputation of quality service, professionalism, integrity and compassion


To develop together as a team of members who enjoy our work, take pride in our integrity and a professional public image, and are committed to a constant improvement in the excellence of our service