Educational and Informational Programs

Medical Certification Waiver
Thursday, June 27th       10am                     Free
Are you aware of the Medical Certification Waiver? Ray Foeller, Sr. Outreach & Education Specialist from the Office of the Ohio Consumers’ Counsel will be here to explain more about the program. The Medical Certification Waiver can be used to prevent an electric and/or natural gas disconnection up to three times during a 12-month period or to reconnect service if the customer has been disconnected for no more than 21 days. In order for a customer to use the Medical Certification Waiver, they must have    service with a regulated electric and/or natural gas company. There are no income guidelines, so all residential customers of regulated electric and natural gas companies may utilize the waiver.  Registration required.

Antiques In The Attic 
Tuesday, July 16th           1:00pm                 Free
You’ve seen PBS’s Antiques Roadshow – now come to our program, and discover if your favorite item is a true treasure.  Neal Richter will return to the Senior Center for this popular program.  Neal, also known as the Clock Doctor, frequently conducts appraisals for individuals and insurance companies.  This mini appraisal will be fun to watch as well as participate.  Come and learn if your attic is really a treasure chest.  Registration required.  Two item limit per person. 

Aging in Place: Focus on the Bathroom
Tuesday, July 16th           6:00pm                 Free
If your goal is to age in place this class is a must. A representative from Maximum Accessible Housing of Ohio will cover accessibility basics outside and throughout the home so you can learn how to make your home more accessible and live in it longer. Registration required.
AARP Driver Safety
Tuesday, August 13th    5:00-9:00pm
Instructor:           Mike Kolesar
Take this opportunity to review your driving skills, habits, and knowledge of rules of the road. Local driving problems, safety tips, changes in driving laws and rules are discussed.  The course also emphasizes how to adjust your driving in   response to age related physical changes and    declining perceptual skills. Registration required.
AARP Members                                $15
Non-AARP Members     $20

Aging in Place: Focus on the Kitchen
Tuesday, August 13th                      6:00pm                 Free
The kitchen is used often throughout the day but can be a dangerous place. A representative from Maximum Accessible Housing of Ohio will discuss how to upgrade your kitchen for safety and efficiency. Registration required.
Medicare Fraud
Tuesday, September 24th             10:00am                               Free
Medicare fraud and abuse has been estimated to cost the Medicare program $60 billion or more every year. To try to combat some of this abuse, the Administration for Community Living (formerly U.S. Administration on Aging) is investing in the Senior Medicare Program to try to educate seniors about the hazards of Medicare fraud and abuse. Tom Gaumer with ProSeniors will discuss what Medicare recipients should know and will also bring lots of literature on how senior citizens can guard against and detect Medicare fraud and abuse. ProSeniors, is a non-profit organization in southwest Ohio that helps seniors for free throughout the state. Registration required.

History and Music of the 1950’s
Wednesday, September 25th                      10:00am
The early 1950’s marked the beginning of “Rock ‘n Roll” music.  Additionally, there were a lot of major historical events that took place during this decade.  This presentation includes a look at both these events and the music of early Rock ‘n Roll that took the country and the world by storm during the decade of the 50’s.  Registration required.
Instructor:  Dr. Joel S. Keller
Members                                     $10
Non-Member/Residents              $12
Non-Member/Non-Residents      $16
Legal and Financial Issues
Wednesday, August 21st              10:00am   Free
The diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease makes planning for the future more important than ever.   Legal and Financial Planning for Alzheimer’s  Disease is an interactive two-part program where you will have a chance to learn about important legal and financial issues to consider, how to put plans in place, and how to access legal and      financial resources near you. This program will cover information for families and individuals dealing with Alzheimer’s disease or a related    dementia. Topics covered will include: Making   legal plans that fit your needs; Legal documents you’ll need and what they mean for all of you; How to find legal and financial assistance; Practical strategies for making a long-term plan of care; Tax deductions and credits; and Government programs that can help pay for care. This program is presented by the Alzheimer’s Association.  Registration required.
Instructor:  Neal Richter

Computer One-on-One Instruction 

On summer break, back in September

The Computer Lab is Looking for Instructors

Like to help others? Have an inquisitive mind? Use electronic devices like a desktop computer, a laptop computer, a tablet, or a smartphone?    Consider joining the Computer Lab instructor team. They help members use their electronic   devices and software applications.  This is not a professional team.  It is Senior Center members that have acquired a level of skill on some of these devices and software and want to help other members use and enjoy theirs. Not sure you have the knowledge or skills to do this?   We will team you up with another instructor until you are   comfortable doing it alone. If you are interested in helping with this service, contact Kathy Sazima RN at 440-580-3277.