Educational and Informational Programs

 Antiques in the Attic (formally known as Trash to Treasures) 
Monday, January 14th      10:00am            Free
You’ve seen PBS’s Antiques Roadshow – now come to our program, and discover if your favorite item is a true treasure.  Neal Richter will return to the Senior Center for this popular program.  Neal, also known as the Clock Doctor, frequently conducts appraisals for individuals and insurance companies.  This mini appraisal will be fun to watch as well as participate.  Come and learn if your attic is really a treasure chest.  Registration is required.  Two item limit per person.
Instructor:  Neal Richter

Aging in Place on a Budget
Tuesday, January 29th   10:00am               Free
Making your home accessible does not have to be expensive. At this presentation, a representative from Maximum Accessible Housing of Ohio will discuss twelve of the best accessibility features for your home that cost less than $100! Registration is required.

Thursday, February 7th   10:00–11:00am
Television became widely available in the United States in the 1950’s. Early TV series were broadcast in black and white until color technology became available in the early 1960’s. This presentation focuses on early 50’s black and white television programs, sharing information and then playing videos from 17 of them including “Father Knows Best,” “Ozzie and Harriet,” “Gunsmoke,” “The Honeymooners,” “I Love Lucy,” “Lassie,” “Howdy Doodie” and more. Registration required.
Instructor: Dr. Joel S. Keller
Members $10
Non-Member/Residents $12
Non-Member/Non-Residents $16

Aging in Place: Outside and Throughout the Home
Tuesday February 26th   10:00am
If your goal is to age in place this class is a must. A representative from Maximum Accessible Housing of Ohio will cover accessibility basics outside and throughout the home so you can learn how to make your home more accessible and live in it longer. Registration is required.

Wednesday 2/20-3/27                   1:00-2:30pm
Is the partisan vitriol in Washington D.C. the result of deep ideological divides, or a distraction, a show put on to keep our attention away from political greed? Are Lobbyists and special interests bribing politicians? Or are politicians extorting us? A shocking peek behind the curtain of D.C. politics and its money-making schemes.
Six week session              Instructor: Ted Smith
Members $40
Non-Member/Residents $45
Non-Member/Non-Residents $55

Computer One-on-One Instruction
Do you need help using your personal computer, laptop, iPad, smart phone, digital camera, or other technical device?  We can help you get    oriented to new equipment or using a particular software package like Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. If so, contact the Senior Center to schedule a One-on-One. Come for an hour or for a longer period or arrange multiple sessions. Our instructors have a broad range of experience and can help you. We’ll discuss your needs on the phone before scheduling an appointment.
Fees for one hour session (minimum one hour)
Member - $5
Non-Member/Resident - $7
Non-Member/Non Resident - $11

The Computer Lab is Looking for Instructors

Like to help others? Have an inquisitive mind? Use electronic devices like a desktop computer, a laptop computer, a tablet, or a smartphone?    Consider joining the Computer Lab instructor team. They help members use their electronic   devices and software applications.  This is not a professional team.  It is Senior Center members that have acquired a level of skill on some of these devices and software and want to help other members use and enjoy theirs. Not sure you have the knowledge or skills to do this?   We will team you up with another instructor until you are   comfortable doing it alone. If you are interested in helping with this service, contact Kathy Sazima RN at 440-580-3277.