Town Center Work Resumes at Pearl and Westwood

Phase 2 of the Town Center project (Transportation for Livable Communities Initiative) will resume April 22 at the corner of Pearl and Westwood, where crosswalks and signals are being upgraded.
Traffic will be maintained on Pearl, and drivers will be able to get in and out of driveways, but lanes of traffic will close and delays are likely. 
During this phase of the project, WESTWOOD DRIVE WILL BE CLOSED COMPLETELY just west of Pearl, near Don's Pomeroy House. Westwood east of Pearl, leading to the police station, will remain open. 
Detour will be Progress Drive to Alameda Drive, Westwood, Prospect and Royalton Road.  
This phase should take about two weeks, depending on weather.
. The first phase, which was completed the last week of March, replaced the crosswalk in front of Strongsville Middle School.
The third and final phase, at Pearl and Royalton, will be the biggest, where there will not only be new crosswalks, but new mast arms for the traffic signals, new pedestrian islands and a new concrete median. That should start in August, after the Rib Burnoff and Homecoming, and carry into September.
The project is designed to help improve safety and connectivity around Town Center for pedestrians and bicyclists.