Fluorescent Bulbs, Batteries No Longer Accepted for Recycling at City Collection

If you're saving your fluorescent bulbs -- either the long tubes or the squiggly CFLs -- for Strongsville's next Household Hazardous Waste collection, please don't.

Cuyahoga County has adopted new rules about what can be accepted at the events, and will no longer take fluorescents or rechargeable batteries.

That's because a number of retail businesses will take those items for recycling, so it can no longer justify using taxpayer money to do it.

You can drop off CFLs at Lowe's, Home Depot or Batteries + Bulbs. For fluorescent tubes, the nearest location is Batteries + Bulbs at 15312 Pearl Rd. There may be a fee.

Batteries + Bulbs will also accept many rechargeable batteries. Again, there may be a small fee. Some retail stores also take rechargeable and cell phone battieries; the nearest are Staples, 12421 Pearl Rd., Home Depot, 8199 Pearl, and Lowe's, 9149 Pearl. For a complete list, visit the Cuyahoga Recycles website.

You can dispose of standard single-use batteries (AA, AAA, etc.) in your regular trash.

For more information about disposing of fluorescent bulbs, see the Cuyahoga Recycles website.

For more information about Strongsville's Household Hazardous Waste collection, which runs Sept. 6-9, click here.