Project to Improve Safety at Pearl and Royalton

The third phase of the Transportation for Livable Communities project is scheduled to start Monday, Aug. 26 at the intersection of Pearl and Royalton (Route 82) roads.
The project is designed to improve walkability and enhance safety for pedestrians and motorists.
It includes ADA-compliant curb ramps, refuge islands and countdown pedestrian signals to make it easier to cross the busy streets.  Traffic signals will be hung on mast arms rather than on wires. Crosswalks will be upgraded, medians added and drainage improved.  New traffic detectors capable of detecting bicycles will be installed, and bike racks will be placed on Freedom Trail.
In addition, wayfinding signs will direct people to various destinations within the Town Center district, including the Ehrnfelt Rec Center and Strongsville Library.
The project WILL disrupt traffic for the next few months. Here’s the phasing plan:
  1. Intersection of 82 and Pearl, crosswalks at outside edges of all four corners
  2. Median and crosswalk on 82, west side of intersection
  3. North-south crosswalk along eastern side of intersection
  4. Median and crosswalk on Pearl, south side of intersection
  5. East-west crosswalk along northern side of intersection
Traffic will be maintained on both Pearl and Royalton, but THERE WILL BE MAJOR DELAYS. Please avoid the area if at all possible.
The first two phases of the project — at the Pearl-Westwood intersection and in front of Strongsville Middle School — were completed earlier this year.
The Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency launched the project with a study aimed at improving walkability in Town Center and a grant to pay for part of the work. A number of studies in cooperation with our regional planning agencies were completed prior to implementing the project. For more information, click here.