Police Officer, Firefighter, Dispatchers of Year Named

The Strongsville St. Francis of Assisi Council of the Knights of Columbus presented awards for Police Officer, Firefighter and Dispatcher of the Year for 2017 at the June 5 City Council meeting.

Police Officer of the Year is Patrolman Jeffrey Steving, who has led the department in OVI arrests every year since 2007. Steving has been honored a number of times by Mothers Against Drunk Driving and is the department's only drug recognition expert. 

Lt. Charles Zerman is Firefighter of the Year. Zerman, a SWAT team medic, has received a number of commendations for his efforts at emergency scenes and was called "a gifted leader" by Fire Chief Jack Draves.

Two Dispatchers of the Year were named. Rebecca Naymik was recognized for her "general leadership and willingness to pitch in." She is also a trainer for new dispatchers.

Jodi Fyffe was honored for her handling of a call in May 2016 in which a man said he wanted to "commit suicide by cop." Fyffe developed a rapport with the man and convinced him to drop his weapon and surrender, most likely saving his life.