Work is Under Way on Traffic Signal Upgrade

Construction has started on the citywide signal upgrade project, which will synchronize all of Strongsville's traffic lights for better efficiency. 

In July 2019 City Council awarded the contract for the project to Perram Electric, Inc.  
Here is a summary of the project: 
  • Most of the traffic signal equipment controlling the city traffic signals is over 20 years old and is outdated. The project will utilize advanced technology in centralized and adaptive control to allow for better efficiency along the main corridors. The central control system allows for the city to bring the signal controllers along the major corridors to a single operational system vs. multiple closed loop systems that are in place now. The system will also have adaptive technology that can sense inefficiencies and self-adjust for a better level of service.
  • The project also includes improvements for safety such as installing backplates to improve signal visibility and installing uninterruptible power supplies in order to keep traffic signals working during power outages. Pedestrian safety will be improved by adding countdown type pedestrian signals, bicycle safety will be improved by adding radar/video detectors, curb ramps will be replaced to bring intersections into current ADA compliance. 
  • The project also includes replacing all incandescent lamps with LED lamps to reduce energy consumption. 
  • Fiber optic lines will be installed to interconnect all signals with the main computer, and will replace outdated and unreliable dial-up modems currently used on many of our existing signals. Fiber optic lines will be installed only in areas where there currently aren’t any and they will be located above ground on existing poles. 
  • Some of the intersections currently have the traffic signals on span wires.  These will be replaced with poles and mast arms.
Since July, Perram Electric has been working with CT Consultants, the city's construction managers, setting up their field office, coordinating with utility companies, preparing shop drawings for materials and meeting with various departments prior to construction. As of October, they are in a position to begin the first phase of the construction, which is working on the pole foundations.
As to not interfere with the Christmas shopping season, they will complete the foundations on Royalton Road from SouthPark Mall to the I-71 ramp first, starting Oct. 29. Perram will be drilling and pouring concrete for the pole foundations at the intersection of Royalton Road and the mall entrance across from Ledgewood Plaza (by Starbucks) first, then will move to Royalton and Howe and finish with Royalton and I-71 ramp by November 22.  While they are working, there will be temporary closures to the curb lanes.  The closures will only be in place while they are working and will be opened up at the end of the work day. 

They will then continue the pole foundations at the following locations:
Pearl/Pat Catans
This phase of the project should be completed by the end of the year.