Town Center Enhancement Plan Launched

Mayor Thomas P. Perciak and Strongsville City Council announced today the launch of the Strongsville Town Center Enhancement and Walkability Initiative, including a new Initiative website ( featuring a public survey intended to gather additional input from Strongsville residents.
The Strongsville Town Center (see map) includes various community amenities that are utilized by tens of thousands of residents and visitors annually, including the Strongsville Recreation & Senior Center, the Strongsville Commons, Castletown Playground, the Strongsville Library, and more.  The continued enhancement of this area further improves the quality of life for City residents while also providing additional amenities for area business men and women. 
Potential enhancements through the Initiative may include, but are not limited to, the:
  • Refurbishing of Castletown Playground
  • Further integration of area walkways & the Freedom Trail to promote walkability/connectivity to area amenities
  • Implementation of new wayfinding signage to direct residents and visitors to area amenities
  • Additional quality of life amenities for the betterment of Strongsville residents
To help guide the continued redevelopment of the Strongsville Town Center, the City of Strongsville has extensively studied the area, implementing third party, expert recommendations.  Studies of the Strongsville Town Center include:
  • Strongsville Master Plan (May 2019) prepared by the Cuyahoga County Planning Commission
  • Wayfinding Analysis Report (May 2019) prepared by Guide Studio
  • Strongsville Town Center District Redevelopment Plan (August 2015) prepared by NOACA
  • Strongsville Walkable Community Workshop Report (February 2009) prepared by NOACA
The Strongsville Town Center Enhancement and Walkability Initiative will incorporate data from the above reports with public input through the residents’ survey ( and a follow-up community open house, with plans for project implementation to begin in late 2021/early 2022.
To help fund area improvements, Mayor Thomas P. Perciak has instructed his administration to utilize and/or apply for grant assistance through programs available from the Federal Government, State of Ohio, Cuyahoga County, and regional non-profits, with such funds being designated for community projects and restricted from City administrative/operations use.  In addition, the City will accept donations from various local civic groups and businesses.
For more information, please visit the Strongsville Town Center Enhancement and Walkability Initiative website at where you can complete the online survey and review area reports. Residents are encouraged to complete the survey by the end of October 2021.
The Strongsville Town Center Enhancement and Walkability Initiative is another example of how Strongsville Steps Up through a commitment to proactive budgetary management, excellence in Safety Forces, vibrant economic development, and a dedication to first-rate community amenities and services.  To learn more about how Strongsville succeed through a difficult 2020, visit and review Mayor Thomas P. Perciak’s 2020 State of the City presentation.