In these trying times it is important that we all work together to protect our community, our way of life and our resources. Therefore here are some helpful things you can do during this time.

Follow CDC Prevention Guidelines

Follow the guidelines put forth by the CDC. These include washing your hands often, cough into your elbow, do not touch your face, keep a safe distance from others and stay home if sick. More can be found here at the CDC Prevention Website.

Do not flush wipes, paper towels or facial tissue

Please avoid flushing sanitation wipes even if the package states they are flush-able. Other alternatives to toilet paper including paper towels and facial tissues also should not be flushed in local sewer lines as people practice guidelines to combat the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. While the “flushable” wipes concern is not new to wastewater facilities, there is an increased risk to our system due to the current shortage of toilet paper. Read More

Protect Your Employees

The Ohio Department of Health has issued a checklist small business owners can use to protect themselves and employees from the coronavirus. The document also has information about low-income loans for small businesses facing an uncertain future. You can read it here.