Fire Hydrant Maintenance

​Annually, all public fire hydrants are inspected, maintained and flowed to ensure proper operation, generally between April and June..

Residents are reminded that if they encounter rusty or discolored water flowing from their home faucets following this maintenance, they should run only the cold water for a few minutes until it clears.

Areas immediately adjacent to fire hydrants need to be kept clear of any obstructions, such as trees or shrubbery that could delay locating a fire hydrant in the event of a fire. Residents should refrain from landscaping around fire hydrants. Residents are also asked to call the fire department if they notice a hydrant that has been struck by a vehicle or is leaking.

In the winter, residents are asked to shovel snow around fire hydrants so they are visible and there is easy access to them in an emergency. Please report any damange to fire hydrants as a result of snow plowing.