Hydrant Flushing is Under Way

Strongsville Fire and Emergency Services Department will begin the spring fire hydrant maintenance program the week of April 1, 2023.  Maintenance of fire hydrants involves visual inspection for any damage, removing and checking of caps, cleaning and lubrication of all threaded outlets, checking for adequate water pressure as well as flowing water to clear out debris and sediment that has accumulated in the past year.
With nearly 3,500 fire hydrants in the City of Strongsville, the program is expected to run until the end of June.  Fire crews will be placing signs at the entrances of developments to warn residents that testing will be occurring that week in their neighborhood.
Residents are reminded that if they encounter rusty or discolored water flowing from the home faucets following this maintenance, they should run only the cold water for a few minutes until it clears.  Areas immediately adjacent to fire hydrants also need to be kept clear of any obstructions, such as trees or shrubbery that could delay locating a fire hydrant in the event of a fire.  Residents are also asked to call the fire department if they notice a hydrant that has been struck or that is leaking, so that repairs may be accomplished in a timely manner.