Kids at Surrarrer Donate 'Comfort Dogs' to Police Department

Kindergarten and first-grade students at Surrarrer Elementary presented the Strongsville Police Department with several dozen stuffed police dogs that officers can give to people who need to be comforted.

The students did chores at home to earn money, which they donated to purchase the stuffed dogs. 

"The teachers explained that the kids wanted them for our officers when they encounter someone who may need to be comforted," said Police Chief Mark Fender, who was at the school to accept the donation.

Dogs have been placed in the glove boxes of all the cruisers. The kids also wrote thank-you cards to the police department and gave officers a tray of cookies. 

"You can tell they placed thought and attention into this project," Fender said. "This was such a great example of our kids in the community showing their appreciation for all we do."