Be SMART Aims at Safe Gun Storage

The Be SMART framework is designed to help parents and adults normalize conversations about gun safety and take responsible actions that can prevent child gun deaths and injuries.
The organization encourages adults to keep firearms unlocked and secured at home, and to make sure any home their child visits has no unsecured weapons.
The group says 4.6 American children live in a home with an unsecured and loaded gun. Every year, 700 children under 18 die by suicide using a gun. Three-fourths of school shooters acquired their firearm from the home of a parent or close relative. And 350 children unintentionally injure themselves or someone else after gaining access to a firearm. 
Be SMART encourages everyone to:
Secure all guns in your homes and vehicles
Model responsible behavior around guns
Ask about the presence of unsecured guns in other homes
Recognize the role of guns in suicide
Tell your peers to be SMART
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