Patrol Division

Field Operations

Officer: Title: Assignment: E-Mail:
Marsala, Marcello Sergeant Supervisor
Sloan, Brian Sergeant Supervisor
Stolz, Ronald Sergenat Supervisor
Officer: Title: Assignment: E-Mail:
Benedictis, Jeffrey Sergeant Supervisor
Hayes, Jonathan Sergeant Supervisor
Weisenberger, Ryan Sergeant Supervisor
                                                                          NIGHT SHIFT 
Officer: Title: Assignment: E-Mail:
Miller, Jason Sergeant Supervisor
Steving, Jeff Sergeant Supervisor
Vlna, Brian Sergeant Superfisor

Patrol Zones

The city is divided into 9 separate zone assignments for police coverage. Patrol officers on each shift are assigned a permanent zone at the beginning of each year to ensure they are not only familiar with the businesses, schools and traffic issues, but also are more likely to notice something out of the ordinary. 
In addition, officers on permanent zone assignments get to know the business owners and residents, which enhances our relationship with the community.  Depending on the call volume or type of call, officers backup other officers in other zones to better serve the needs of the community. 

SouthPark Mall, a regional shopping mall, has its own zone due to the high volume of traffic and calls for service concentrated in a small area near the interstate.  

Would you like to speak with your zone officer?
Identify your zone from this map, then call 440-238-7373 and request to speak with the officer assigned to your area.

Traffic Bureau

Major responsibilities of the traffic bureau include:
  • Meeting with community business owners, residents and others to identify and address community traffic issues.
  • Providing technical assistance relating to traffic crash investigations or reconstruction
  • Coordinating, deploying and maintaining traffic enforcement trailers and speed survey devices; gathering data and providing reports.
  • Providing escorts and directing traffic at special events, parades, funerals, football games, etc.
  • Working with the Engineering Departments in an effort to minimize traffic congestion and correct hazardous situations, such as those that occur during road construction.
Target enforcement is generated through citizen complaints, crash analysis review and data review.
In 2021, the Traffic Bureau:
  • Deployed the speed trailer 52 times
  • Conducted 5 traffic studies
  • Installed 25 car seats