Patrol Division

Patrol Division

Please dial (440) 580-3230 to get in touch with or leave a message for the following people.

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You can pass along a tip to the Strongsville Police Department by e-mail at

DAY SHIFT (7am to 5pm)
Officer: Title: Assignment:         E-Mail:
Kelley, Shamus Sergeant Supervisor
Nettles, Ronald Sergeant Supervisor
Sloan, Brian Sergeant Supervisor
Miller, Brook Officer Zone 1
Hansen, Marianna Officer Zone 2
Schubert, Eric Officer Zone 3
Larotonda, Gerard Officer Zone 4
Kadlec, Bryan Officer Zone 5
Sereda, Victor Officer Zone 6
Feierabend, Derek Officer Zone 7
Fields, Curtiss Officer Zone 8
Berry, Matthew Officer Zone 9
Bobula, Brian Officer Zone 9
Koenig, Christopher Officer SRO/Rove
McNeal, Daniel Officer Rove
Mendise, Michael Officer SRO/Rove
Steving, Jeffrey Officer Rove
Vanek, Steve Officer Rove
AFTERNOON SHIFT (3pm to 1am)
Officer: Title: Assignment:         E-Mail:
Barsa, Rob Sergeant Supervisor
Marsala, Marcello Sergeant Supervisor
Stolz, Ron Sergeant Supervisor
Kellar, Nicole Officer Zone 1
Grace, Colin Officer Zone 2
Hayes, Jonathan Officer Zone 3
Benedictis, Jeffrey Officer Zone 4
Murphy, John Officer Zone 5
O'Sullivan, Patrick Officer Zone 6
Pientka, Frank Officer Zone 7
Whitney, Ron Officer Zone 8
Iorillo, Peter Officer Zone 9
Guminey, Michael Officer Zone 9
Siwik, Phil Officer Rove
Strong, Howard Officer Rove
Whelan, Daniel Officer Rove
Young, Ryan Officer Rove
NIGHT SHIFT (10pm to 8am)
Officer: Title: Assignment:         E-Mail:
Apo, Derek Sergeant Supervisor
Knipp, Jacob Sergeant Supervisor
Kubacki, Ronald Sergeant Supervisor
Weisenberger, Ryan Officer Zone 1
Mertz, Daniel Officer Zone 2
Berry, Luke Officer Zone 3
Hazou, Zaki Officer Zone 4
Vlna, Brian Officer Zone 5
McKinney, Matthew Officer Zone 6
Galassi, Michael Officer Zone 7
Plut, Aaron Officer Zone 8
Cully, Patrick Officer Rove
Gallagher, David Officer Rove
Miller, Jason Officer Rove
Omilion, Matthew Officer Rove
Officer: Title: Assignment:         E-Mail:
Damore, Ryan Officer Traffic
Drlik, Greg Officer Patrol Support
Colegrove, Lee Sergeant Court Liaison


 Click on a zone map for more details:
Zone 1: Northwest of Prospect Zone 2: North between Prospect & Pearl Zone 3: North between Pearl & I-71

Zone 4: Northeast between I-71 & W. 130th Zone 5: Southeast between I-71 & W. 130th Zone 6: South between Pearl & I-71
Zone 7: West between 82 & Boston and between Pearl & Prospect Zone 8: Foltz Industrial Parkway Area Zone 9: SouthPark Mall

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