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These tips are not monitored 24/7.  If your concern is urgent and you need an officer to respond now, please call
Emergency: 9-1-1
Non-emergency Dispatch: (440) 238-7373

Do you have a lead or tip that could help Strongsville Police prevent or solve a crime?

Use the form on this page to pass along possible leads, tips, or any other information that you honestly believe could be useful to police. This confidential form will get your message to our Detective Bureau who will review and screen your submission. Whatever you submit using this form will be carefully reviewed and taken very seriously.

If you choose, you may submit your information anonymously. To do so, use this form but simply leave blank any fields you do not wish to complete. However, tips submitted anonymously do not provide investigators an opportunity to clarify vague or incomplete information. You may also choose to call the police department anonymously with leads, tips or any other information.

Complete the following form, filling-in as many fields as you can, and as accurately as you can. The more accurate and complete the information you provide, the more helpful it may ultimately be.

If you are not intending to provide your information anonymously, then please at least make sure to include your full name and phone number so someone can get back to you if it becomes necessary.

When you've completed as many fields as you are willing and able to complete, please click on the 'Submit Form' button to send your message in confidence. Police officials will carefully review it .

Your help is greatly appreciated!

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