Snow Plowing

Have a question about snow plowing? The Strongsville Service Department has set up a phone line for questions about snow removal and to report snow-related concerns, including streets that have not yet been plowed and mailboxes that have been damaged by plows.
The number is (440) 580-3177.

Senior SnowCare

Sign-ups for the 2019-2020 season have ended. 

The Strongsville Building Department makes available to residents a list of licensed snow plow drivers and companies. The Building Department is at 16099 Foltz Parkway and can be reached at (440) 580-3105.

Snow Care requirements:

 Those wishing to participate will be required to register to be eligible for assistance. Only those seniors meeting the age, property ownership and income restrictions and who have registered with the City will qualify to receive plowing assistance. The requirement is 62 years of age with no one younger living in the house. The income level is a combined amount of ALL income (both taxable and non-taxable amounts as shown on lines 7 through 21 including 8b, 9b, 15a, 16a, & 20a on the federal 1040 forms) of $33,000 or less. This figure is based on last year’s income level plus the addition of the 2 percent cost of living adjustment established by Social Security for the year 2018.

 When you register you MUST bring with you:
 1.      Proof of age Photo ID (driver’s license, State ID, passport etc.)
 2.      Proof of total pre-tax income per household (Most current year (2018)
income tax return REQUIRED for Income verification) NO EXCEPTIONS
 3.       Proof of Ownership (property tax bill or mortgage statement)
 4.       Completed and signed application form. Please click here for a printable application form

***Failure to bring all the above listed items will prohibit you from registering for the program. No exceptions***

If you do not qualify, there is a list of licensed plow drivers available through the Strongsville Building Department on Foltz Parkway, 440-580-3105.
Seniors needing assistance with transportation to the senior center through the Senior Wheels program should contact Senior Wheels at 440-826-0800. 
If you have any questions regarding registration, please call 440-580-3177.

NOTE: If you qualify, you will be issued a SNOW CARE sign. Lists of only those who have registered will be given to our plow drivers and only those addresses will be plowed. If you are registered, your driveway will be done as soon as possible. Calling the Service Department for driveway snow plowing will only delay your snow removal.