Avoid Holiday Overflow at Recycling Bins

Residents are asked to note that pick-up at the River Valley paper and cardboard recycling bins will be delayed due to the holidays.
If the bins are full when you try to drop off items PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE THEM ON THE GROUND. Paper and cardboard left outside the bins WILL NOT BE RECYCLED and will go to the landfill because it quickly becomes dirty and wet.
Please break down your boxes  so more can fit inside the bins, and consider placing them in your curbside recycling if possible -- or holding onto your paper and cardboard items until the holiday rush at the bins is over. 

Wrapping paper and boxes that are 100 percent paper can be recycled. Plain paper, butcher paper, corrugated cardboard and gift bags without decorations can also be recycled.

If the wrapping paper has foil, or is sparkly or shiny, it cannot be recycled. Place it in the trash, Also, do not include foil, plastic coating, ribbon, tinsel, bows and glitter in recycling.
Check you Cuyahoga Recycles for more.