Water Tower to be Painted in 2018

The Strongsville water tower is due for a sprucing-up this year, including a fresh coat of green paint.
The Cleveland Water Department has agreed to repaint the tower in 2018.
That means cartoon character Ziggy, who has watched over the town since 1975, will be erased.
Cartoonist Tom Wilson hand-painted Ziggy on the water tower after some teens climbed up and, undetected, spray-painted "Ziggy 75" one night. City officials, believing the graffiti referred to the lovable cartoon character, felt Ziggy had become an unofficial mascot of Strongsville High School.
The fire department used its ladder truck to hoist Wilson, who lived in the area, to the tower during Homecoming that year so he could paint Ziggy on it.
However, many people who went to the high school in that era have since said the graffiti actually referred to Ziggy Stardust, a character created by David Bowie.