Here's What You Need to Know about Your Electric Bill

First Energy is urging customers to shop around for an electricity supplier to find competitive prices this summer, warning that if they stay with the utility, their bills will rise an average of 47 percent in June. 
Meanwhile, NOPEC will resume its electric aggregation program in June, offering customers in its 240 member cities new competitive rates on electricity.
Residents in Strongsville and other NOPEC communities will automatically be enrolled in NOPEC starting in June unless they opt out.
First Energy, parent company of Ohio Edison and The Illuminating Company, is urging customers who opt out to make sure they shop for a new electricity supplier. If not, they will receive their electricity from the utility, which will see a sharp increase in costs
Starting June 1, the prices to compare for FirstEnergy's Oio electric companies' residential customers will be 12.39 cents per kilowatt hour for Ohio Edison and 12.40 cents per kilowatt hour for Illuminating Company.
NOPEC's summer rates will be 6.45 cents per kilowatt hour.
Customers can also choose their own supplier by visiting the apples-to-apples chart at
“With energy rates elevated as we head into the hot, summer months, now is a great time to review your options so that you can select a rate or program that works best for you and your family,” said Mark Jones, vice president of customer engagement for FirstEnergy. “By selecting a competitive energy supplier that offers a rate lower than the price to compare on your bill, you may be able to pay less each month.”
Some background:

NOPEC traditionally negotiates a competitive rate for electricity and natural gas because it represents some 550,000 customers. Last year, as electricity prices climbed, FirstEnergy locked in a lower rate while NOPEC signed a deal that reflected the new higher prices. . 
NOPEC voluntarily transferred all its customers to First Energy so they could take advantage of the lower rates.
But FirstEnergy's new contract with a supplier shows elevated prices that will raise the bill of an average residential consumer 47 percent from May to June. 
NOPEC -- and potentially other independent suppliers -- have negotiated lower-cost contracts with suppliers for the summer. 
"Last year, NOPEC temporarily transitioned our electric customers to save them money," said Chuck Keiper, executive director and CEO of NOPEC. "We did what was best for our customers. We are excited to now move forward continuing NOPEC's electric aggregation, offering competitively priced options for our customers."
Residents will be automatically enrolled in NOPEC unless they opt out. Residents are receiving letters from NOPEC that include an opt-out form, which can be mailed back or faxed. Customers can also call NOPEC's customer care center at 1-855-667-3201. 
NOPEC also aggregates natural gas rates for its member cities. NOPEC will host a series of virtual and in-person informational meetings in April. Click here to see the schedule
Please click here to read FirstEnergy's news release about summer electric rates. Click here to read NOPEC's information for residents.