City Club Postpones Rib Burnoff

The Strongsville City Club has postponed the 2020 Rib Burnoff due to the coronavirus pandemic.
On its Facebook page, the group said:
After much consideration, The City Club has come to the decision that we will be postponing our 34th Annual Rib Burnoff, which was scheduled to take place June 18-20th. Through the years, we have been blessed with Rib Burnoff events packed with people enjoying great food and helping support the City Club’s civic endeavors. Never in our wildest dreams did we think that the overwhelming support and crowds at the Rib Burnoff would be a critical factor in having to postpone the event, but these are the times we find ourselves in today.

While we want nothing more than to provide attendees & vendors with a much needed fun event, we simply cannot ignore the potential downside of such a gathering. We care too much for the safety and well-being of all participants to put them at risk, given the COVID-19 pandemic. We are currently working hard at alternative options for the Rib Burnoff and if the pandemic situation improves and we can host the event, we plan on doing so! We’ll be sure to keep you updated as the situation changes, but in the meantime, take care of yourself and your loved ones!