Strongsville’s Law Department serves as legal counsel to the Mayor, Administrative Departments, City boards, officers and City Council, and also acts as prosecuting attorney in Strongsville Mayor’s Court.

The Department includes full-time Law Director Neal M. Jamison, Assistant Law Director Daniel J. Kolick, Prosecutor John Castele, Assistant Prosecutor Richard Neff and a full-time legal administrative assistant.

A main function of the Law Department is to prepare and/or oversee all legislation presented to the City Council. In addition, the Law Director provides daily advice and legal opinions to the Mayor, City Administration and City Council; represents the city in litigation matters and prosecutions; assists insurance defense counsel with litigation; reviews and approves all City contracts; advises on public records requests and ethics issues; and monitors new developments in the law.

The Assistant Law Director is assigned to attend meetings of the Planning Commission, Board of Zoning Appeals, Board of Tax Appeals and Civil Service Commission. The Prosecutor and the Assistant Prosecutor attend all Mayor’s Court and Berea Municipal Court proceedings initiated by the City.

Due to legal constraints, the Law Department staff is unable to provide legal advice to residents concerning private legal disputes and any other private matters.


You may contact the Law Department by calling (440) 580-3145 or e-mailing