Assistance is available for Ohio residents who are having difficulty paying their utility bills. For information, click here.


AT&T -- 1-800-288-2020
Spectrum -- 1-855-366-7132 or 833-267-6094
Breezeline -- 1-888-536-9600
DIRECTV -- 1-877-579-3089

Having a problem with a cable provider? Contact the Ohio Cable TV Hotline at (800) 686-7826 or vsa@com.state.oh.us


Power Outages -- map of current outages
First Energy -- 1-800-589-3101
Report a power outage or street light out -- 1-888-544-4877


Columbia Gas -- 1-800-344-4077


Cleveland Water -- 216-664-3130
Report discolored water:  Customers who experience discolored water are encouraged to call Cleveland Water's Water Quality Line at 216-664-2639 or their 24-hour Emergency Line 216-664-3060 to report discolored water. Please provide your name, address, telephone number, and when the discoloration began.
Report a water main leak: Residents who want to report a water main break or leak should call Cleveland Water's emergency call center 24/7 at 216-664-3060.


Republic Waste -- 440-572-7590


NEOSD -- 216-881-8247
Are you having problems with your utility provider? If so, contact the PUCO Consumer Call Center at 1-800-686-7826

Water and Sewer Bills

The city of Strongsville has no jurisdiction over the city of Cleveland Division of Water and/or the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District (NEORSD) regarding their readings and billing procedures.

However, we would like to inform our residents that errors can be made and we would caution you to monitor your consumption and readings. A very strong suggestion is to never pay an estimated water or sewer bill. Check the readings every quarter by comparing your meter read to that of Cleveland's. If there is a discrepancy, call Cleveland Water at 216-664-3130 immediately to report it. An estimated read affects the whole year, especially if you are on the Summer Sprinkling Savings program.

The average water consumption for a family of four in northeast Ohio is .85 MCF per billing month. If you tend to conserve, it will probably be lower.

If you do not see Summer Sprinkling Savings on your bill for the period of May 1 through September 30, then North East Ohio Regional Sewer District (NEORSD) should be contacted at 216-881-8247 so that an application can be sent to you.

Administrative Fees

Due to the transfer of sewer billing to the City of Cleveland Division of Water, the Strongsville Administrative fee of $3.33 ($1.67 for Homestead Exemption customers) appears as a separate line item on your bill.

This charge has been in effect since 1996.