Are You Hosting a Fox Family this Spring?

If you've seen a fox in your yard lately, that’s because it's denning season, according to Animal Control Officer Chuck McCleary.

Between the end of March and early April, a mother fox will give birth to four of five kits. To keep them safe from coyotes, she will often choose a den site close to people, away from where coyotes generally go -- like under a porch, shed, garage, barn, or side of a hill, trying to keep her little family safe.

McCleary asks that you offer them a short-term rental because this is not a permanent situation. "If you are lucky enough to see how beautiful an adult fox is, or witness the kits playing (at a distance, of course), you will be glad you did!" he said.
If you see a fox during the day, it does not mean she is rabid. A mother fox works tirelessly to feed her kits and will often be out during daylight hours foraging for food. She won’t hurt your children or your pets.