Police Make Safety Changes at Muraski School

The police department, working with Strongsville City Schools, is seeking to clear up traffic snarls and improve safety around Muraski Elementary School.
Starting Feb. 19, motorists will not be permitted to turn left from the Muraski driveway onto Royalton Road during drop-off and pick-up hours – 8:25 to 9:25 a.m. and 3:10 to 4:10 p.m. School buses will be the only vehicles permitted to make a left turn from the school driveway.
Motorists who would normally turn left on Royalton Road are asked instead to go to Prospect Road and use either Westwood Drive or Lunn Road to head east.
Police Chief Mark Fender is asking drivers not to use private property along Royalton Road, like business parking lots, to turn around and travel east.
“We’re asking for parents’ cooperation in this,” Fender said.
While using Prospect may add a few minutes to your drive time, you also won’t spend as much time waiting to exit the school driveway, Fender said.
Police and the school district will notify residents of the new traffic pattern the week of Feb. 11 and begin enforcement Feb. 20.
Police and school officials were asked by parents to address traffic congestion around Muraski in the mornings and afternoons.