What Voters Need to Know for the March Primary

The March 19, 2024 Presidential Primary Election will decide issues and the candidates who will advance to the General Election in November.  
There are federal, state and county offices on the ballot.  These include the President, the Senate and Congress.  State, county, and judicial seats will also be decided by voters.  There will be a county issue, as well as school issues and local issues on the ballot. 
This is a Partisan Primary Election in which voters must select one of three ballot types on their Vote-by-Mail Ballot Applications, when Voting Early-In Person or on Election Day at the polls.  Voters MUST choose either an Issues Only, Republican, or Democratic ballot.  A party ballot ONLY contains candidates from the Democratic or Republican party along with any issues available to the voter.  An Issues Only ballot contains issues but does not include any candidate names. 
Voters may Vote-by-Mail, Early In-Person or on Election Day.  Vote-by-Mail Ballot Applications, Early In-Person Voting hours and important dates and deadlines are on the Board of Elections website: www.443vote.us.  You may also call the Board of Elections for voter information: 216-443-VOTE (8683).  
Please click here to see more information on voting in the primary election.