• 2014-084 | ADOPTED MAY 05, 2014 A resolution providing for the submission of ordinance No. 2014-019 to the electors, establishing an election date therefor, and declaring an emergency.
  • 2014-083 | ADOPTED APRIL 21, 2014 An ordinance amending ordinance No. 2011-191, which declared improvements to certain parcels of real property to be a public purpose, described the public improvements to be made to directly benefit such parcels, required the owners of the improvements on such parcels to make service payments in lieu of taxes, established a Pearl Road iii municipal public improvement tax increment equivalent fund for the deposit of such service payments pursuant to Ohio revised code sections 5709.40, 5709.42 and 5709.43, and declared an emergency.
  • 2014-082 | ADOPTED APRIL 21, 2014 An ordinance authorizing the Mayor to apply for financial assistance under the Drug Abuse Resistance Education (“DARE”) law enforcement grants program, and declaring an emergency.
  • 2014-081 | ADOPTED APRIL 21, 2014 An ordinance ratifying, authorizing and approving participation in Ohio Department of Transportation contracts for the purchase of sodium chloride (rock salt) for use by the Service Department of the city during the 2014-2015 season; authorizing the Mayor and the Director of Finance to do all things necessary to enter into agreements in connection therewith; and declaring an emergency.
  • 2014-080 | ADOPTED APRIL 21, 2014 An ordinance authorizing the sale by internet auction, of certain obsolete property no longer needed for any municipal purpose by the city’s public Service Department, and declaring an emergency.
  • 2014-079 | ADOPTED APRIL 21, 2014 An ordinance approving and authorizing the Mayor to enter into a contract for emergency repairs to a 2006 backup city sewer vactor truck, including a rental agreement for use of a substitute in the interim, for the Service Department, without public bidding, and declaring an emergency.
  • 2014-078 | ADOPTED APRIL 21, 2014 An ordinance authorizing and directing the Mayor to issue and approve change order No. 2 for an increase in the contract price in accordance with the provisions of the contract between the City of Strongsville and Fabrizi Trucking & Paving Co., Inc., in connection with the Pearl Road widening project phase ii (CUY-42-0.00), and declaring an emergency.
  • 2014-077 | ADOPTED APRIL 21, 2014 An ordinance authorizing the Mayor and city engineer to prepare and submit an application for fy 2014 national infrastructure investments funding through the transportation investment generating economic recovery (tiger) discretionary grant program, sponsored by the u.S. Department of transportation, in connection with the Foltz Parkway south phase ii project, in the City of Strongsville, and declaring an emergency.