Leaf Collection

Residential Leaf Collection

The city of Strongsville provides leaf pickup for several weeks in the fall. To dispose of leaves at other times of the year, please bag them and set them out with your regular trash for pick-up. 

Leaf Collection for Fall 2021 has ended

Please bag your leaves and set them out for regular trash collection.

Rules for leaf collection

Leaves should be piled along the roadside or curb, but not in the roadway or ditches and not more than 4 feet from the roadway.  THE CITY WILL NOT PICKUP IF THESE GUIDELINES ARE NOT FOLLOWED.
Branches, tree limbs, metal, rocks, firewood, or anything else that can cause damage to the leaf collection equipment must be sorted out from the leaf piles. Failure to do so will result in leaves not being collected.


Leaves collected by city crews will be sent to ecological collection locations approved by the state of Ohio.