Annual Report


I am pleased to present the 2018 Strongsville Police Department Annual Report and Strategic Plan. While it is impossible to recap every significant event or call for service we encounter during the year, this report provides a descriptive summary of our activities, special events, day-to-day operations, and highlights of the role our department plays in the community.  All divisions of your police department are represented in this report, and it is a source of pride to all our personnel who are performing on a daily basis.

As the Chief of Police, I am extremely humbled to represent such a great group of sworn and non-sworn men and women. Over the past year, I have witnessed our employees dedicating themselves to going above and beyond the minimum to provide the highest level of service that our community expects and deserves.

Our success is only possible with the support of you, our residents, businesses, and elected officials. The trust that our community has in our agency generates an enormous responsibility, and when used properly, results in a partnership that benefits everyone.

We recognize that when you need service from your police department, it is likely the most important moment of your day, if not the most important moment of your life. It makes me proud to receive the amount of positive feedback I do from those who have had encounters with our personnel. We hold ourselves to a high standard, and if we do not meet that mark, we take action to ensure we meet those expectations in the future.

I am very pleased that despite the thousands of calls for service to which our officers typically respond, they still make time to interact with the public during non-directed time.  This interaction helps to maintain the strong relationships necessary for a great community.  You will find a number of examples contained in this report that contribute to the City of Strongsville’s recognition as “the crossroads of the nation.”  Our goals for 2019 continue to expand on our previous successes and are listed in the Strategic Plan.   We will strive to constantly improve our service delivery to the folks that live, work, and shop in our community. Please take a moment to read the report.  We went to great lengths to create a more appealing look that is certain to keep your interest. 
It is an honor to be of service to the community of Strongsville. 
Mark Fender, Chief of Police

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