Annual Report


Welcome to the 2017 Year End Report and Strategic Plan for the Strongsville Police Department (SPD). I am hopeful the information compiled in this report will provide you with insight into the operations of your police department. We have gathered this information over the course of the past twelve months, intending to offer a snapshot of the men and women who protect and serve you, our community.  Part of our mission is the continuous pursuit of excellence in the delivery of law enforcement services and the demonstration of transparency.  This report will summarize many of the ways we sought to accomplish this. 
One way was our voluntary participation in the State Accreditation program, the Ohio Collaborative, a benchmark for today’s law enforcement. The Collaborative works closely with partners, including the community and law enforcement agencies, to implement standards.  Even though the SPD holds to high written standards, we made a decision to submit our general orders for review and seek recognition in meeting State standards.  In 2016 we began the process to ensure compliance.  I am pleased to report, in 2017 the SPD achieved compliance for the first round of standards.
New in September of 2017, the SPD partnered with the Ohio State Highway Patrol to assume primary enforcement and response duties on I-71 in Strongsville in order to provide the best service to the motoring public.  The State Patrol has a long history and expertise in promoting traffic safety and providing professional public safety services.  They are the premier agency in handling issues on interstate routes, from traffic safety and enforcement to accident investigation.  This change provides greater opportunities for Strongsville officers to concentrate their efforts on the community and neighborhoods.  This modification enhances our officers’ ability to focus on aggressive drug interdiction within our city and strengthen partnerships with residents, businesses and schools through foot and bicycle patrol, homeowners’ association meetings, and exploring new ways to use technology and social media.  The goal is to support our mission of enhancing the quality of life by identifying and solving community problems, preventing crime and extinguishing fear.  Both agencies can utilize their expertise in their respective areas to deliver the best public service.
We were also excited to announce the City’s newly created Community Opiate-Outreach Program (CO-OP).  This effort included the introduction of the “Safe Passages” program, in which individuals seeking assistance for addiction can simply walk into the police station and ask for help, and also the creation of a Quick Response Team, a collaborative effort involving the Police and Fire Departments, Strongsville’s faith community and treatment specialists. The team provides timely follow-up assistance to overdose survivors and their families, including treatment options and referrals, recovery support, and other necessary services.  Our goal is to get those in need of help into treatment as quickly as possible and break down any barriers that threaten a successful outcome.
These are just a few highlights of your police department’s accomplishments.  Please take some time and read through many more contained

 -- Mark Fender, Chief of Police


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