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     I would like to present to you our 2015 Annual Report.  This comprehensive report details our efforts and activities throughout this past year.  Our services have been geared to the needs of our community and as you read through our report, you will see how important interacting with the community is to us.  Our programs and activities reflect the commitment we have in keeping this community safe. 

     I would like to thank you, the citizens of Strongsville, for your unwavering support of our men and women in blue.  The anti-police sentiment toward police officers across this country is disturbing.  A handful of cases occurring around this country that had gone terribly wrong painted a picture of disdain for police officers across this country.  Fortunately for us, we have not encountered such hate from our citizens.  Our commitment of quality service to you is being reciprocated by your support for us and this is something we do not take for granted. 

The police profession is a proud one. It hinges on the respect it receives from its citizens.  This respect is not assumed but earned.  We work hard every day to earn your trust.  We will always strive to be our best and make you, the citizens we serve, proud of us.  On behalf of the men and women that make up our police, corrections and emergency dispatch services, we thank you for letting us serve and protect you.  


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We value our proud reputation of

Quality Service, Professionalism, Integrity and Compassion

In partnership with the community, we pledge to:
- Protect the lives and property of our fellow citizens
- Persist in the pursuit of violators of our laws, while protecting the constitutional rights and freedoms of all

- Enhance the quality of life by identifying and solving community problems, preventing crime and extinguishing fear
- Preserve a proud reputation of quality service, professionalism, integrity and compassion
To develop together as a team of members who enjoy our work, take pride in our integrity and a professional public image, and are committed to a constant improvement in the excellence of our service.