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I would like to present to you our Annual Report that documents our accomplishments in 2013. The Police Department stayed true to its plan in keeping the community of Strongsville a safe one. This was accomplished by working closely with our community members, consisting of our residents, businesses, schools, and our City’s various departments. With the collaboration of all these members we were able to again drop the crime rate in our community and make our motoring public safer by reducing motor vehicle accidents. We were able to keep up with the demands that were placed upon our department throughout the year.

We focused on training this year to make certain we delivered the best service to this community. Our emphasis was on Active Shooter Training, a training program for our officers, schools, community, and businesses. Our partners on the Federal and State levels provided valuable resources for us to develop this comprehensive training program. We are committed to keeping our children safe and will again make this a priority in the upcoming year.

Our commitment to traffic safety and reducing crime was evident in the end of the year accident and crime statistics detailed in this report. Once again our officers have been recognized by AAA, MADD, and the Cuyahoga County DUI Task Force for their efforts this year. Our Traffic Unit has also upgraded their traffic assessment equipment to better monitor traffic volume on our City streets.

A part of this report is our Strategic Plan for the upcoming year. This plan involves input from our staff, input that they have identified as important goals and objectives to meet in 2014. These goals and objectives were compiled with our community in mind and what we feel is important to you. On behalf of our agency I would like to thank you for letting us serve you and for the support you have shown throughout the year.

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We value our proud reputation of

Quality Service, Professionalism, Integrity and Compassion

In partnership with the community, we pledge to:
- Protect the lives and property of our fellow citizens
- Persist in the pursuit of violators of our laws, while protecting the constitutional rights and freedoms of all

- Enhance the quality of life by identifying and solving community problems, preventing crime and extinguishing fear
- Preserve a proud reputation of quality service, professionalism, integrity and compassion
To develop together as a team of members who enjoy our work, take pride in our integrity and a professional public image, and are committed to a constant improvement in the excellence of our service.