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During this past year the men and women that make up the police, dispatch, and jail services worked hard in delivering quality service to this fine community of Strongsville. Reducing crime, motor vehicle accidents, and emergency preparedness was our focus in 2014. We were able to reduce property crimes, and accidents during this past year. This was possible due to the outstanding relationship we have with the residents, businesses, and schools in working together in making Strongsville safe. The services that we have in place, outlined in this year-end report, are designed to be interactive with the community. This interaction was the key to our accomplishments this past year. 
With the recent national focus on police relations with their respective communities, we here in Strongsville take that very seriously. Our officer training is focused on emergency preparedness and community relations. Our training incorporates our values of quality service, professionalism, integrity, and compassion into the services we provide the community. Our regional training with our County, State, and Federal law enforcement partners enables us to call upon the best resources in the event of a large scale emergency.
In 2014 the South West Emergency Dispatch Center (SWEDC) was formed in Strongsville. SWEDC is the regional dispatch center that provides police and fire dispatching to the communities of Strongsville, North Royalton, Olmsted Falls, and soon to come on board Berea. This combined center was formed to give the very best service to all communities involved.


     We would like to thank you for letting us serve you and look forward to 2015. Working together with you, we will continue to make Strongsville a safe place to raise a family, work in, and to visit.  


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We value our proud reputation of

Quality Service, Professionalism, Integrity and Compassion

In partnership with the community, we pledge to:
- Protect the lives and property of our fellow citizens
- Persist in the pursuit of violators of our laws, while protecting the constitutional rights and freedoms of all

- Enhance the quality of life by identifying and solving community problems, preventing crime and extinguishing fear
- Preserve a proud reputation of quality service, professionalism, integrity and compassion
To develop together as a team of members who enjoy our work, take pride in our integrity and a professional public image, and are committed to a constant improvement in the excellence of our service.